BR 42 : Hotel Casanova

Dino is a hotel receptionist at Hotel Casanova and he has a hope to marry who he will love when he is 26 years old, though he is still 21 now. One day, a beautiful woman visits there. He feels he wants to marry her, which comes true against his plan. However, he accidentally finds that what she really is is so scary and jealous person, which is so troublesome for him, but he really loves her from the bottom of his heart. 

BR 41 : Who Moved My Cheese?

     Who Moved My Cheese? is an amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a maze and look for a cheeze which makes them happy. The following is a memorandom of one of the characters in this story, which I found including strong messages. 
Change Happens
Anticipate Change
Monitor Change
Adapt To Change Quickly
Enjoy Change!
Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again & Again"


BR40 : Bad love

My name is Flick Laine and I'm a woman detective cop in America. One day, I join in a party held by Dr. Jack Daly and enjoys chatting with him. Several days later, it turns out that he is dead in his house with a gun on his right had. I search in his house to detect whether he was killed or he comited suicide, and I suspect that he was killed by someone else, because I found his dominant hand was left one. I'll continue gathering some clues to decide who killed him...


BR39 : Just Like a Movie

Brad Black is a man in Toronto, who likes watching movies and often goes to the theater. And Gina is a woman in Toronto, too, and she also watches movies at the same theater where he goes. And then they fall in love soon after encountering there. They always goes out together to see movies. He wants to marry her, and she also does, but they don't have enough money to get married because both of them are so poor. One day, he gets some solution through a certain movie, which will horrify you...


BR38 : Inspector Logan

Inspector Logan is a murder mystery, in which a woman inspector has an important role in an event. Robert Kerr is a man, whose wife has been lost since the day before, is asked to answer some questions in an interview by two persons an inspector Jenny Logan and Sergeant Grant, because they need to gather as much information as possible to find out Mr. Kerr's wife.


BR36 : Never Let Me Go

"That's what each of you was created to do."
Never Let Me Go depicts fragility of human beings through the events at an orphanage...

BR35 : Don't Stop Now!

Matt is a man customer who always comes to  the Web Cafe in London to meet the woman clerk Kathy. That's because he likes her, though she really doesn't notice that kind of stuff. One day, a strange man throws a letter with a brick into the cafe, it breaking a window. The letter says "Don't Stop Now!," but no one do know the meaning of the words, so Matt starts to identify what is happening right now.

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